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3 Responses to “Follow along by the minute”

  1. Dean Calvert Says:

    Was just reading about the bond portfolio.

    I used to own a money management business for 20 years.

    Paying anyone anywhere near 3% to manage a bond portfolio is nuts.

    Vanguard will do it for .3% – just go take a look at the Vanguard Treasury Bonds fund and do the math.

    Just a thought.

    Good luck,

  2. Brad M Says:

    3% fees – I was struck by the same thing. That is a very expensive advisor.

  3. Subdeacon David [Yetter] Says:

    I hope this is simply an example of innumeracy, and that .3% (which is relatively common as a management fee rate) was intended.

    Of course, innumeracy in finance committee chairman is yet another argument for an independent audit.

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